Monday, July 29, 2013

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 So I have finally gotten around to trying again to write a campaign journal for one of the best campaigns I have ever played in. I had written a fairly long one before, but the copies were lost when my computer hard drive and the hard drives of the others who had copies of it also died or the copies were damaged. Cursed play indeed. :(.

Spoiler Disclaimer: As a warning to those Reading the blog, the campaign takes place in Deadlands and has Major Spoilers in it for the main campaign, which may take away from the horror and mystery aspect if you play with the given adventures.

The Posts will be written from  the perspective of my character Mirrors who is writing a jounal to document her adventures, so most events will be from her perspective, with some clarification as to what I gathered from the other characters later in side notes perhaps, or mentioned later. It was a rather complex campaign, with at one time 9 players and 2 GMs, so I may have missed something.  Each player had their characters custom made for them by the GM(s) with different mysterious pasts which would come out eventually (with one exception, because Ziggy did not like his character so got his character changed a bit), my character with amnesia, decided to keep a journal (I took notes during sessions as well to help with it), because I had recently read silverclawshifts campaign journal and was pumped up to write my own epic.

I suppose if this ever actually gets enough readers who care I can try to elaborate any points they want me to upon request. Or I could do a simple post explaining the basics/common knowledge of the system.

Legal disclaimer: I don't own deadlands nor do I make a profit off of it in any way.

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